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Past projects

SICRAS aims at developing mechanisms for aggregating, cleaning and reasoning over Big Data about financial entities

funded by the Department of Health and the Department of Research and Innovation of the Autonomous Province of Trento and aiming to design, develop, test the usability and evaluate on-field the impact of a Personal Health Record in the Province of Trento.

SuperProf for E-VALUE is a project with a local company, Centro Studi Erickson, aimed at creating the decision support system for managing educational materials focused on learning difficulties and remediation activities.

Copilosk (Content Processing by Integrating Logical and Statistical Knowledge) is a Joint Research Project under Future Internet - Internet of Content program of the Information Technology Center, Fondazione Bruno Kessler. The project is a joint effort of the following research units: Data and Knowledge Management, Human Language Technology and Technologies of Vision.

NewsReader aims at building structured event indexes of large volumes of financial and economic data for decision making. NewsReader is a 36 month FP7 Strep EU project which runs from January 2013 to December 2015.

SmartOpenData will create a Linked Open Data infrastructure (including software tools and data) fed by public and freely available data resources, existing sources for biodiversity and environment protection and research in rural and European protected areas and its National Parks.

Organic.Lingua is aiming to enhance an existing Web portal of (]) with educational content on Organic Agriculture (OA) and Agroecology (AE), introducing automated multi-lingual services that will further support the uptake of the portal from its targeted audiences, facilitate the multilingual features of the portal, and further extend its geographical and linguistic coverage. Organic.Lingua is a 36 month FP7 Pilot Tipe B EU project which wins from 1-March-1-2011 to 28-February-2014.

Toolisse project aims at developing the first italian platform that offers technologically advanced services and solutions to enhance the tourists experience during travel and stay, increase the digital performances of tourism operators, produce added value in the online promotion of a destination and empower the whole process of distribution of touristic offer.

Since the 26 April 2012 we are associated member of the PlanetData network of excellence. The PlanetData project aims to establish a sustainable European community of researchers that supports organizations in exposing their data in new and useful ways.

ProMo This is an industrial project done in collaboration with SayService. This project aims at the development of a platform that supports the collaborative modelling (via MoKi) of the processes, the structure, the actors, and the artifacts of a complex organization, the grounding of the objects in the abstract model to the technological layer of the organization (using the ASTRO platform) and the support for monitoring the process execution. ProMo is a FESR project founded by the province of Trento running from 1-1-2012 to 31-6-2013.