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Past projects

ProDe is a national project with main objective of defining of a reference model shared by all the Italian regions, which constitute the basis for the digitalization of all the public administration procedure. The main contribution of DKM within the ProDe project is the support for the construction of the formal models for a subset of public procedures of the Trentino region.

aims to meet the increasing need for the orchestration of environmental services spread across the Web in order to provide users with personalised decision support or tailored environmental information. It will offer an interconnected multipurpose environmental user-oriented service for a federated community of citizens, public services (such as tourist offices and environmental institutions), public administrations, and entrepreneurs active in sectors sensitive to environmental conditions. PESCaDO is a 36 month FP7 EU project which runs from 1-January-2010 to 31-December-2012.

[2009-2011] aims at scaling up content extraction techniques towards very large scale extraction from multimedia sources, setting the scene for a Content Management Platform for Trentino; using this information to support new ways of linking, summarizing and classifying data in a new generation of digital memories which are `alive’ and user-centered; and to turn the creation of such memories into a communal web activity. LiveMemories is a 36 months project within the Bando grandi progetti 2006 founded by the Provincia Autonoma di Trento.

[2009-2011] This project, done in collaboration with the eHealth, and I3 research unit at FBK-IRST, has the main objective of supporting knowledge intensive management of cure process in Oncology.

has the goal to significantly enhance knowledge worker productivity by supporting informal learning and teaching activities in the context of knowledge workers’ everyday work processes and within their work environments. APOSDLE was a 48 months research and development integrated project partially supported by the European Community under the Information Society Technologies (IST) priority of the 6th framework programme for R&D (contract no. IST-027023).

exploits text processing and automatic reasoning technologies to extract knowledge from texts and organise it conceptually in an ontology. ONTOTEXT was a 36 months project founded by the Provincia Autonoma di Trento.

(Enabling Distributed and Autonomous Management of Knowledge) - FU-PAT Project. The aim of this project is to develop research in information technology and software tools that support the Distributed and Autonomous Management of Knowledge. The goal will be achieved by: (a) structuring knowledge in different contexts, that allow each different organization component to create, use and update autonomously its view on data encoding knowledge; (b) providing a set of techniques allowing for the interoperability and the interaction among different contexts; (c) implementing the techniques on an experimental platform supporting distributed and autonomous knowledge management; (d) experimentally evaluating with significant business cases the techniques for creating, codifying and exchanging knowledge.

PATEXPERT's overall scientific goal is to change the paradigm currently followed for patent processing from textual (viewing patents as text blocks enriched by “canned” picture material, sequences of morpho-syntactic tokens, or collections of syntactic structures) to semantic (viewing patents as multimedia knowledge objects) processing. PATEXPERT was a 36 month FP6 EU project.