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FrameNet extension: repository of senses


The repository of senses is a resource that complements FrameNet.

For each Frame-Role (another term for Role is Frame Element) pair we have extracted a list of senses, where a sense is a WordNet synset, that possible fillers of that role might take. The process is the following. We start from the FrameNet 1.5 annotated corpus. First, we link role fillers' heads to Wikipedia and then, with the help of BabelNet and Yago, assign one or several WordNet synsets to each filler. After that, we generalize over the examples for each frame-role in order to select the most representative set of senses for a given role.

Text version of the repository


The repository consists of a list of files, one per each frame-role pair, where each file contains one string for each extracted sense, with the format being the following:

(example taken from "Activity_ongoing---Activity.txt", that is, frame = Activity_ongoing, role = Activity)


description of comma separated fields:

1 - WordNet synset, name_id

2 - number of examples that were assigned the given WordNet synset or its hyponym

3 - a weight (in most of the cases exactly equal to the fraction of examples) that were assigned the given WordNet synset or its hyponym

OWL/RDF version of the repository

As a result of the internship project conducted by Irina Sergienya under the joint DKM/HLT supervision by Volha Bryl and Sara Tonelli, the OWL/RDF version of the resource has been produced, along with the tools for querying and evaluating the repository.

  • Irina's presentation: "FrameNet extension for the Semantic Web: creation of the RDF/OWL version of the repository of senses, resource, evaluation and lessons learned"

The resource is based on FrameNet 1.5 and WordNet 3.0.

The resource is also registered with CKAN: see the description here.


  • (primary reference) Volha Bryl, Sara Tonelli, Claudio Giuliano, Luciano Serafini. A Novel FrameNet-based Resource for the Semantic Web. In Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Appliced Computing (SAC) 2012, Technical Track on The Semantic Web and Applications (SWA), Riva del Garda (Trento), Italy) March 25-29, 2012.
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