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Luciano Serafini


Luciano Serafini
Head of the DKM research unit

Voice: +39 (0461) 314 319, secretary +39 (0461) 314 334
Fax: +39 (0461) 302 040
Mail: <surname> <at> fbk.eu
Url: http://dkm.fbk.eu/serafini


[edit] Brief CV

Luciano Serafini received his Master degree in Information Science from University of Milan in 1988. In October 1988 he joined ITC-IRST (Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Technologica, now Fondazione Bruno Kessler) as a junior researcher. His research interests include artificial intelligence, logic for knowledge representation and multi agent systems, semantic web, ontologies, information integration, and automated reasoning.

Luciano Serafini has published influential works in the most important international journals and conferences (his current H-index is 33). The most important scientific contribution of his career is the development of a logic of contexts called "Multi Context Systems" which has been applied in the area of formalization of multi-agent systems, information integration, semantic matching and modular ontologies.

He is currently leading the Data and Knowledge Management (DKM), a research unit at FBK, composed of 14 people, which doing research and projects in Knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation, and reasoning services.

[edit] Research Interests

Luciano Serafini is currently doing research in collaborative ontology engineering, logic for contextual reasoning, logics for distributed knowledge representation, and integration of statistical and logical reasoning.

[edit] Professional Activities

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[edit] Publications

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