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Luciano Serafini

Head of Unit
  • SKYPE: luciano.serafini
  • Phone: 0461314319
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Luciano Serafini is currently leading the research unit on Data and Knowledge Management Research Unit, which is part of the ICT department of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy. Luciano Serafini has a 30 year experience in academic research and technology transfer in the area of knowledge representation and reasoning, artificial intelligence and Knowledge and Data Management.  His research interests include logic for distributed knowledge (since 1990 development of the logic of context) information integration, automated reasoning, multi agent system, ontological reasoning for the semantic web, collaborative knowledge acquisition and modelling. In the last 10 year he dedicated a large effort in the challenge of integrating reasoning and learning with logical and statistical knowledge. Recently he proposed Logic Tensor Networks as a framework that integrates neural networks and fuzzy logic. This framework has been successfully applied in the task of semantic image interpretations.  He has published more than 180 papers, and his current h-index according to Google Scholar is 42. He is member of the PC committee of several top level conferences and workshops in these areas and contributes to many industrial, research, local and European projects. He was the Local chair of the 2002 edition of the European Summer School on logic language and information, and the local co-chair of the 13th International Semantic Web Conference (2014) In 2015 he obtained the Italian full professor habitation ("abilitazione nazionale di prima fascia) in the sector of Informatic Science. He regularly supervises Master and Ph.D students, at the University of Trento, Verona, Milano and Graz, and his Teaching activity includes courses in Database, Information systems, Mathematical Logic, Knowledge Representation and reasoning, data mining and Semantic Web, for the Master degree and Doctoral Degree at the University of Trento, Bolzano and Padova

I'm currently teaching the course on Knowledge and Data Mining at the Laurea in Data Science at University of Padova. Course material can be found here

Research interests
Logic for knowledge representation and reasoning; Ontologies Integration of machine learning and automated reasoning Contextual Reasoning Statistical relational learning (SRL)
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