Tools and environments

RDFpro – An extensible tool for building stream-oriented RDF processing pipelines

MoKi – MOdelling wiKI

KnowledgeStore – A scalable, fault-tolerant, and Semantic Web grounded open-source storage system for interlinking structured and unstructured data

TeX-OWL – A Latex-Style Syntax for authoring OWL 2 ontologies

DRAGO – Distributed reasoning architecture for multiple heterogeneous ontologies

KnowPic – A knowldege-based system for the understanding of picture content.

Neural-Symbolic integration tools

KENN – Knowledge Enhanced Neural Networks

Theoretical frameworks

Multi Context Systems – a logical framework that allows the composition of multiple theories (contexts) via a set of intra-theory axioms called bridge rules.

Constructive Description Logics – Constructive description logics

Distributed description logics – A theory for the integration of multiple knowledge bases represented in Description Logics

CKR – Contextualized Knowledge Repository – Contextualized Knowledge Repository

Semantic web resources

FrameNet extension: repository of senses – The repository of senses is a resource that complements FrameNet.


ICD-10 Ontology – OWL representation of International Classification of Diseases

PESCaDO Ontology – An ontology for personalized environmental decision support

ICPC2-ICD10 Formal Mappins – OWL representation of Clinical Mappings between International Classification of Primary Care and International Classification of Diseases

BPMN Related Resources – BPMN Related Resources

Administrative Ontology of the Province of Trento – OWL representation of the administrative and geographical information about the Province of Trento

ICPC2 Ontology – OWL representation of International Classification of Primary Care

Technical Report

Technical Report – Here you can find some DKMers Technical Reports

CKR prototype – Implements the Contextualized Knowledge Repository (CKR)