The Data and Knowledge Management Research Unit is a research unit of the Center for Digital Society of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

Data and knowledge management (DKM) comprises a range of practices used by organisations such as enterprises, communities of interest, social groups and single individuals, to create, represent, share, and expoit knowledge is any type of domain. DKM is an interdisciplinary research field on the border between computer science, artificial intelligence, businesses, philosophy, and mathematics.

The group aims to foster research and technology for developing methodologies and tools to support the elicitation of knowledge from data and experts, its encoding in computer interpretable formats, the integration of heterogeneous knowledge bases, and the development of intelligent inference and decision support algorithms.

To reach its objectives, the DKM unit uses and develops a variety of tools. In particular: logical, semantic web and statistical models are used for knowledge representation; Machine Learning is used for knowledge acquisition from data, and Natural Language Processing for knowledge acquisition from text; Web 2.0 tools have been developed for collaborative knowledge elicitation from humans; logical reasoning and statistical inference are used for developing knowledge services and decision support tools.