The development of high quality declarative models such as ontologies (or knowledge bases) and business process diagrams is a strategic area for practical applications of Knowledge Management. Building from our experience in several European and National projects, such as the ONTOTEXT project, the EU PATEXPERT project and the EU APOSDLE project, we have started the development of methodologies and tools in order to support this modeling activity and to strengthen our position in technology transfer activities of knowledge elicitation and modeling.

This effort has originated three streams of research:

  • The development of a tool, called Moki: the Modeling wiKi tailored to the collaborative development of integrated ontologies and process models.
  • The development of tools that automatically elicit knowledge from structure/semi-structured data, like a file systems structure, a database schema, folksonomies, wikies.
  • The development of large and complete ontology libraries describing typical domains, such as the work environment, governmental institutions, medical domains, which could be exploited in practical applications.

Research topics: Knowledge elicitation and modeling