The prototype implements the Contextualized Knowledge Repository (CKR) for OWL2-RL/RDFS(S) data on top of the Sesame and OWLIM frameworks, and supports storing, reasoning and querying with contextual knowledge. The prototype with the included example data sources is a proof of concept of our research idea and is intended to be tried only for the purpose of reviewing our work (please contact the authors for any other need).


  • Java runtime version 1.6 or greater
  • Windows, Linux or Mac OS X operating system
  • 1 GB free RAM minimum


We evaluated the CKR framework in the scope of the highly-contextual domain of the FIFA World Cup competition, in terms of (i) simplicity and expressivity of the language; (ii) compactness of the representation; and (iii) efficiency of reasoning and query answering. To address the first two points, we modelled the FIFA World Cup domain in the CKR framework and in “plain” OWL2, covering both the TBox and the ABox of the last four FIFA World Cup editions (1998-2010). To address the third point, we evaluated and compared a set of 32 queries over the two models.

Research topics: Knowledge representation