Version: 2.0

Date(y-m-d): 2008-20-06

Authors: Elena Cardillo, Andrei Tamilin, Claudio Eccher, and Luciano Serafini

Description: The “ICPC2-ICD10 Formal Mappings” is a formalization into OWL-DL of the existing clinical mappings between the International Classification of Primary Care 2nd edition and the International Classification of Diseases 10th edition [Okkes et al., 2002].

Contacts: For more information, please contact Elena Cardillo.


Copyright © 2008 the Data & Knowledge Management (DKM) Unit @ Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)


 This work is licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike”. This copyright applies to the ICPC2 Ontology and accompanying documentation. This ontology uses W3C’s RDF technology, an open Web standard that can be freely used by anyone.

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