TeX-OWL is a new syntax that can be used to write OWL 2 ontologies. It was developed to address the need for an easy-to-read and easy-to-write plain text syntax. TeX-OWL is inspired by LaTeX syntax, and covers all construct of OWL 2. We designed TeX-OWL to be less verbose than the other OWL syntaxes, and easy-to-use especially for quickly developing small-size ontologies with just a text editor. An OWLAPI-based Java parser and writer is available to easily convert TeX-OWL to/from other OWL2 syntaxes.

TeX-OWL Grammar: https://github.com/dkmfbk/TexOwl/raw/master/doc/grammar%2Bex.pdf 

Parser and Writer Code: https://github.com/dkmfbk/TexOwl

Technology type: Tools and environments

Research topics: Knowledge representation