SuperProf for E-VALUE is a project run jointly with the local company called Edizioni Centro Studi Erickson, whose principal activity is the production and distribution of didactic materials (books, journals, multimedia, software) with the focus on learning difficulties, remediation activities and the like.

The objective of the E-VALUE project is designing and implementing a web-based platform to support the process of didactic intervention in various educational contexts, starting from the evaluation of learning difficulties to the provision of appropriate materials.

SuperProf (Sistema di SUpporto alle decisioni PER la creazione di PROposte Formative) can be seen as a sub-project of E-VALUE. Its main goal is that of developing a decision support system, SuperProf DSS, that, given a specific request for a didactic intervention, would guide its user (an Edizioni Erickson employee, e.g. a psychologist) towards the selection of an optimal set of educational materials. The input to SuperProf DSS consists of a number of parameters, including a list of cognitive processes to be addressed, intensity and modality of the required intervention, class (or age) of interest, number, language and format of materials to be provided, etc. Given the input, SuperProf DSS accesses the catalogue of Edizioni Erikson educational materials and applies a number of additional rules and criteria (e.g. domain specific or coming from current business needs) to construct a nearly optimal package of educational materials, which is then presented to a user and is further interactively refined based on user feedback. The work on SuperProf DSS can be divided in two principal activities: (i) constructing the domain model, that is, the ontology describing educational materials, cognitive processes and their interrelations, various domain rules, etc., and (ii) developing the reasoning service that supports user interaction with the system and the formation of the final set of educational materials.